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Thread: LCD monitor with 1024x768 of native resolution?

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    LCD monitor with 1024x768 of native resolution?

    Hello all, this is my first thread, I'm looking for a LCD monitor that works at 1024x768 of native resolution to make it work as a second output of a notebook, looking around this forum I have found:
    "The 8.4-inch LCD ToolKIT" from Optrex (Part Detail: TK084X00), but since Im not an expert lcd monitor user I don't know if this kit has everything that I need to use it.!

    Optrex 8.4-inch XGA TFT Kit


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    It has everything you need to use, though you'll have to assemble it yourself.

    Though, I'm with the other people in that thread, if it's that expensive get this instead:

    Higher native resolution, though I don't see how that would be much of a trouble.

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