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Thread: '96-'99 Subaru Outback Wagon LCD Placement

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    '96-'99 Subaru Outback Wagon LCD Placement

    I'm looking at picking up a '97 Subaru Outback Wagon, which should have the same dash design as the '96-'99 OBW series, I believe. While I'm looking at it, I'm keeping in mind that I'm going to want to set up a carputer in it, and I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on the LCD placement.

    I figure I'll want to set up one of those alphanumeric only LCDs just under the stock AM/FM/Cassette deck, just to display MP3's. I'd like another LCD panel to display XMMS/BMP playlist, GPS info, OBDII info, etc. I just can't figure out where to place it, out of the way of the airbag, not blocking any outside vision, etc.

    Has anybody else set up an LCD in an OBW of this time period? I wouldn't mind finding out what LCD panel you used, and where you mounted it, and any complaints you might have. Thanks .

    P.S.: I did try searching, but all I come up with is a bunch of people showing off their Outback Sports, which I believe have a different interior. I wanted an OBS, but they're gawd awful hard to find in the NE for a reasonable price in reasonable condition.

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    Have you tried searching NASIOC yet?

    In my '98 Forester there was a "navigation" option (compass & altimeter) that makes a great new home for a head unit so that an LCD can go where the head unit was. If this option was offered on Outbacks it would be something to consider.

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    If I remember right from, the Impreza's (and OBS) from about that time shared the same dash design as the Foresters, so they could use that fancy digital compass & thermometer, etc. housing. The Legacy's didn't...

    ... But that doesn't mean I couldn't *make* it fit.

    Didn't think at all of NASIOC... I spend too much time over at, and I think USMB tends to be a bit "less sophisticated" than what I've seen of NASIOC. Sure didn't see much about carputers in the USMB, for certain. *shrug*

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