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Thread: Which indash single DIN LCD should I get

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    Which indash single DIN LCD should I get

    I'm new to the Car Computer scene. My car is a 2001 Honda Civic. I have decided to go with an in-dash single DIN monitor, just so i can keep my stereo in the stock area and use it to power my speakers and still have Radio and CD Accces

    My two choices

    Xenarc 700IDT In Dash 7" Touch Screen VGA

    Mp3car MTSVO-SC Fully motorized VGA Touch Screen

    which one do you guys think is better

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    Well it's a bit more of what you consider important. Do you care about the motorization, or are you content with pulling out the screen by hand every time you want to use it, or put it away?

    I personally really like the look of Xenarc screens (although I haven't seen the IDT in person, so I'm going off my DWW-7VGA which is a re-cased Xenarc 700TSV). Xenarc has a good reputation around the forums, and seem to have fewer problems than other brands.

    That being said, I do not know which LCD the MTSVO-SC is using so I can not comment on it's display quality.

    Also, take some time and compare numbers between the two units. Contrast, Brightness, etc... and see if that helps you to narrow down which unit is right for you, because in the end the decision is up to you.

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    both units seem very simular.. i also check out the monitor you mentioned (DWW-7VGA) and the same site had the MTSVOSC but it was listed as the DWW-301.. after looking at it the 301 seems to be the nices out of all the other so i think i will be going with that as sooon as i can get one

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