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Thread: Lilliput Problem, and Replacement Xenarc Question

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    Lilliput Problem, and Replacement Xenarc Question

    Hi all. I have the 7" Lilliput right now. I had it replaced when the original TS went out. It has been working fine now for about 8 months or so. I bought a new truck and put the same bezel into it with the LCD in it. It worked just fine. I remembered I needed to clip out the original steroeo harness, so I removed the bezel/LCD, and clipped the correct harness, and put the screen back. Now, the TS will not work at all, but there is video on the screen. Any ideas as to what I can check? I thought maybe the driver so I downloaded the newest ones, but no luck. If anyone can suggest, please do.

    Also, if I have to replace the screen, I would get a Xenarc. How are these in comparison to the Lilliputs as far as installation? I know that the Lilliputs are a b**** to get to work the first time around (TS). Are the Xenarcs much easier and reliable?

    Could I buy the Xenarc and take the new LCD and put it into the Lilliput bezel for the time being before I mold the new one with the Xenarc bezel? Or will it not fit? Thanks! -Brett W

    PS: It is July 4th and I was hoping to have it done tonight and sounding good. Now the TS is not working so I am desperately searching for answers. Help!

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    Could be a bad connection of the VGA cable or the VGA connector of your screen.

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    Which connector? I have the little round barrel connector connected and the Video works fine. That would suggest it's right... right?

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