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Thread: Pyle 6.4" LCD

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    Post Pyle 6.4" LCD


    Can anyone tell me if this Pyle unit is worth my time? It's a 6.4" display that uses composite input.

    I'm going to be using a full blown PC and I'd like to have decent visibility for running WinAmp, PowerDVD and the like. I've heard that VGA displays are better - am I wasting my time looking at composite driven models?

    Thanks a ton!


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    worth your time yes, worth the price, well that is highly debatable.

    it will serve your purposes just fine, however, if you have the money, VGA is much better

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    I'd personally say that you're wasting your time with composite models. At 6.4" it's going to be fuzzy and hard to read text on. If you only wanted MP3 and DVD, that would *just* do, but for full-blown computer use you're going to want to go at least analog VGA input, if not a full digital input TFT display.

    Also be careful to check out the nits of the display (brightness) as a lot of them are like 120 nits which will get washed away very easily in sunlight.

    Here's a better question:

    How much do you want to spend on the LCD? Then I can tell you what (I think) would be best.
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