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Thread: Cheap place to buy a GOOD VGA Extension Cable?

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    Cheap place to buy a GOOD VGA Extension Cable?

    Hey guys, I can go onto froogle and buy any old extension cable (In fact I bought one but it ended up being crap). Can someone please recommend a 15 footer that I won't lose any signal to my Xenarc 700TSV please? I did a search and most bought them off Ebay but any other makes/models and for CHEAP please

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    just use ebay, if you look hard enough you will find some really nice ones that have better cables.
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    Thanks. On Ebay they all say they're good shielding cables. How do you know if the description is accurate?? I was trying to avoid that assumption, you know?

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    i like , i have bought all of my cables from them.
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    I bought this one from it is a very high quality 10ft extension cable, for $10 incl free shipping. It has ferrite loops too.
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