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Thread: Lilly Ribbon Cable Extension

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    Lilly Ribbon Cable Extension

    I'm not sure if anyone has done this, or not -- i couldn't find much info on it.

    I'm custom-fabbing (as everyone else does..) a popup LCD thingy for my Lilly. The space requirements in the car are pretty tight, in fact the LCD/TS simply by itself is still pretty thick so I'll be notching some plastic out just so that fits.

    I need to know if you can purchase a longer ribbon cable to attach the LCD Panel to the circuitry? You know, the infamous cable which everyone has to purchase the second they unscrew their lilli

    I have to mount the PCB away from the screen by about 6-10 additional inches, so I need the cable to reach since it does provide the screen with helpful information such as the display...

    Short of cutting and splicing with another ribbon cable... what's out there?

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    Here you go:


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    I just ordered one from DigitalWW and they had excellent service and fast free shipping.
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    Thanks as always. Will be ordering tonight =)

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