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Thread: Can't get VGA extension cable to work...

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    Post Can't get VGA extension cable to work...

    I have a Datalux 10.4" touchscreen (LMV10 series) and I am having a very difficult time getting it to work with a vga extension cable. Any help or suggestions????

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    If you have an ohm meter you can check the pins of the extension cable from end to end. Check for any pins with unusually high restiances. You can also check for shorts from pin to pin. Radio Shack has ohm meters for $30 and they have a 30day return policy. I have had extension cables give horizontal lines that slowly foat down the screen and other wierd noise problems, but they have never kept my screen from working. Opens or shorts are the only things that could make a vga extension cable not work.
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    How long is your extension cable? What video card are you running? VGA has inherent length limitations.


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