Great Forum everybody! I didn't realize the carputer culture was so steeped with technical info!

Does anyone know how to interface a 7" touchscreen with a PDA? I've done searches in the forum and googled 'till my eyes bled, and can't seem to come up with anything specific.

I have an HP hx4700 (x-scale processor/W-Mobile2003/sd/cf/BT/wifi). I have navigation software and a bt gps. I'd like to be able to drop the HP into a cradle in my truck, and use a large touchscreen for easy viewing and input.

Do any of the touchscreens available interface with a pda? I was So far, the only thing that seems to come close is the Xenarc 700TSV. I also know it has drivers, but I don't see any for the x-scale processor. Has anyone tried this?

Any info is greatly appreciated!!


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