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Thread: Indash LCD recommendation

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    Indash LCD recommendation

    Hi everyone

    Im quite new to the forum, since i just started planing my Carpc.

    Everything is going as planned, but to say the least im confused about what screen to get.

    It should be indash, but it is not a must that it is motorized.

    I have been all over the forum (at least i think so) and i sense that the general oppinion is that Xenarc makes the best screens.

    But from here im confused. As i see it my choises are.

    Xenarc 700idt

    It would ofcouse be "nice to have" the motorized and TV-tuner but if that means the overall quality of the screen is worse, well i can live without the options.

    Apparently a lot of people have problems with the DWW's. Clocks that dosn't turn of, bad mechanics and so on. I don't want to have to fiddle with the electronics to get the buttons turn off etc. Does that mean i should get the 700idt ?

    How are the screen quality (brightness, contrast..) of the screens compared. Is it possible to see anything on anyone of them in daylight ?

    Hope you have some comments on this.


    P. Thornton

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    Jesus, man. You've seen the issues that people have had. You've done the reading. Make a selection, already.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    I tried the 700-IDT in my father's car and after two weeks.. it broke! That spring action is harsh on the monitor.

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    My 700M clone has the bright lights & bright clock feature but i fixed that with electrical tape and a piece of card (see the 'Modding the new Motorized VGA Screens' thread), no soldering necessary, otherwise its been great and is much more daylight readable than the lilliput that I had before it- that thing was almost unreadable.

    Its swings and roundabouts, nothing seems to be perfect in all respects (or we'd all have one) but im happy with my TST-70NP/C..MTS12000..DWW700M (same monitor, just depends where you buy it)

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    Broken DWW-710L

    I got a DWW-710L for over month. I finally finished install to my car just last couple of days. Everything goes wrong on this model. First, the screen hit the dash when it opened. I have to made adapter to extension the DIN slot about 1/4" far out the car DIN slot to get it open and slip out correctly. So, If you plan to get this model make sure you car indash slot is flush mount to your card dash. Second, I found the remote wire only good for auto antenna. It will not work for you if you have power AMP. This antenna remote wire only turn on when in RADIO mode. This remote wire will shutoff if you switch to another source. Third, The FM radio signal is suck. AM radio not work in US because is PAL. Once I switch source from tv, vga, or video to radio mode I can't switch back. I have to close the screen then open again to get these source back. Fourth, I used to have sony indash screen, and most you guys know the quality of the sony LCD. This DWW-710L lcd screen so good (not) that I have to cover the light with my hand to see the picture on the screen when driving in the sun. Especially, when I using dark background for the RoadRunner interface. Finally the fifth now is DEAD. I had it for over month and use it for 2-1/2 days. The VGA mode is not working anymore, but other source still working okay. Just the VGA which what I want it and swap my sony for this DWW-710L just to get VGA mode so I can have fun with my PC in the car. I found a burned diode on the tuner inverter module in side this DWW-710L. This model made by LG part number TALN-Z200T. If someone knows where I get this part please let me know. I'll appreciate to bring back my VGA mode back to life. Other than these the LILLIPUT DWW-710L is one of a choice to use PC in the car. I recommend you guys save the money and get the Infil T3 indash car PC from MP3CAR.COM

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