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    Question Newbie Question.

    So, I just came across this site today after pondering a car-puter setup for awhile.

    So, I'm confused by how involved the whole LCD screen thing is. Maybe I'm missing something but shouldn't I be able to use a simple LCD (like this ) and just hook it up like you would a normal monitor? If someone would explain why this is so complicated, I would appreciate it, as I've got to be missing something.

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    Well, you could, but there are some complications. That panel is way too big for a car, and it probably draws 30 Watts at least so you would need to run it from a AC-DC inverter. Other than that it would probably work. I'm not sure but I think some of those Dell panels require a Dell video card as well. Most folks with digital flat panels in the car are using small ones, and some of them require a special video card.

    Read through the back posts in the Display section, and use the Search link up at the top there ^.
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