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Thread: audio noise when scheen is on

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    audio noise when screen is on

    hey all ive got a new model square lilliput. and when i turn the screen on i get real bad crackling and noise coming through my speakers while the computer boots. which is cause by the screen cause if i put the screen into standby while its booting the nooise is virtually all gone and once its booted and the audigy takes control of the audio ALL the noise except a tiny bit of alternator whine is gone. but what partof the screen could be causing all this noise? could ti be something to do with the power egg? ive got a regulated 12volt supply in the car should i try cutting off the egg and wiring it to this alternate supply (its a big job thats why i ask) or is there any other solution?

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    It sounds like you have grounding problems my friend, i had the same problem.. resolved it by running all power and grounds to a common point.(computers, screen & amps)
    Also one of my Amps was amplifying the noise. (was fine with the car radio!! but when i started using a pc and screen i got loads of noise) I swapped it for an Infinity amp. It now works perfectly

    I tried a different regulator and it made a slight improvement, but not much.

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