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Thread: Sharp LCD display

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    Sharp LCD display

    All right guys I've got one for ya. I'm new to this and found a screen on ebay I thought I could use in my truck and well kinda getting my but kicked. I can't seem to find any info on it and was wondering if I could get some help. here is what I know.

    LCD Touch panel made by Sharp
    # Various uses
    # LCD, Video Cable and Inverter
    # No Support provided, you are on your own.
    # Part Number CA51001-0062, LM64N871

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    Anyone? Going to be on vacation this week and am ready short of the display. Hate to purchase another display when this is the right size. Please?

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    It is better to throw this screen.

    First you need a VGA-LCD controller. Search for digitalview for example. The usual price for an LCD controller is $140.

    Second, you need the cables to connect the LCD controller to your screen. (+30$ if you are lucky enough and exists a kit for this lcd)

    Third i don't think that this is a touch screen. you must buy one. (+150$ with controller)

    And last this is probably not a hi-bright lcd. If you put it on a car, you will see NOTHING.

    And an advise.
    Never buy LCD's, if they don't accept VGA analog signals, unless you know what you are doing.
    If a seller on e-bay gives a very generic description of his LCD, is probably trying to fool you, and 99% his lcd will not have inverter, controller and hi-brightness backlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigAkis
    It is better to throw this screen.
    It will work, but not easliy, if you are looking for a long term project, you just bought one!

    Read up in the FAQ section
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    I bought the whole kit and assembled it. It took some time but it is a fun project. It requires soldering on the vga controller card mostly for the output to power the T.S. the other connections you could get connectors at radio shack or Digi-Key.

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