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Thread: How do I right-click with my Lilliput?

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    How do I right-click with my Lilliput?

    I'm running Windows XP, and I have the latest drivers for the Lilliput as downloaded from the Egalax web site. The touch screen works fine and I have the Touchkit calibration tool, but how do I right-click? Some of the reviews I've read indicate that there is a tray applet that provides a switch from left and right clicking. I don't seem to have that - anyone know where I can get it?

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    I believe you can download it from lilliput's website. I haven't tried it myself but I saw the dl there.

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    If the driver Touch kit utility is installed it put a little tool down in your desktop tray. You click on that and a tool will pop up allowing you to specify that you want the next tap of the touch screen to be a right click instead of the normal left click.

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