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Thread: What kind of LCD?

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    Question What kind of LCD?

    I am planning to put an mp3 player in my car soon, but I'm not sure what kind of LCD to use. All I need is a LCD that takes a signal from the TV Out from the video card, or a playstation, etc. It has to be at least 5.6", too. I'm not looking for DVD quality picture or anything, I just need it to show Winamp in double-size mode with the playlist fonts at about 20-24, and it must be readable. I've seen a lot on ebay, but I was wondering if anyone here could give me some suggestions.

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    i'd go with something around high 6s and above. I got a really nice one off ebay with a tv tuner included for $300. I've seen 5'6 inch screens for like $125 on ebay but i've seen those and wasn't happy with the quality. What I did was find something on ebay then went to google and see what stores were selling them for and what their specs are.


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