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Thread: 7" TS lilliput strange problem.

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    7" TS lilliput strange problem.

    connected, worked fine with TS but i left it idle for a little while and it went all black. It did that many times and I reboot, unplug/plug power, unplug/plug vga adapter ... and so on to get it back. Now, it's gone blank for good.. I can't get it to turn on the pic (every time it happens, i plug in my normal 15" lcd screen and see that the computer and connections working fine).. anyone has this problem? Starting to think going with lilliput is a bad idea.

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    I played with it a little more and found out that there's something wrong withthe touch screen or something.

    It will show picture if i just keep switching the input1/input2/vga mode everytime it goes blank. It's more frequent now, about 4 or 5 seconds i have to cycle through the inputs to refresh the vga or something.

    Someone with knowledge please help?


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    Is the lilliput molded into your dash or still in it's original casing?
    S60 Install

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    it's still in its original case. I wanna make sure i test it out for days before take it apart.

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