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Thread: What's and RGB input good for?

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    Post What's and RGB input good for?

    I am trying to find a good TFT LCD monitor for my upcoming setup. I have seen some that offer a RGB input for "navigation". What is compatible with a RGB input? Is there a VGA-RGB adapter? Or would it be the same as a composite out on a ati card? Thanks

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    Generally RGB video is a PAL or NTSC signal that has separate signals for Red Green and Blue colors plus sync signals(just like VGA but at a different frequency). These signals are found on the Scart connector of some VCRs and TVs (particularly european models). Getting RGB video from a PC is likely to be difficult. One way is to write a software patch for some video cards with BrookeTree video encoders. These encoders can be programmed to output RGB on the composite and SVideo connectors. There is also homebrew VGA to RGB converter on the net somewhere but it only supports a limited number of video cards (it uses a special driver) and a limited number of operating systems. Anyway I'll try to find the URL for you. The BrookeTree patch would produce a better quality picture but a patch would have to be written for your specific video card and I'm not much of a programmer


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