I was wondering,
how are you all setting up your video cards to output to NTSC automatically??
I know my Voodoo3 3000 has to have you set it to do that in its driver setup, and doesn't stay like that when you reboot. But, I always have my monitor plugged in, so does it autodetect or something?
I am using Dos, so is there any problem with making a Video card output NTSC with just the standard VGA drivers in Dos?
And, if I were to get just a cheapo videocard with Tv-out, would that affect the quality on a 4" LCd screen?
Last but not least, could you take a look at this LCD panel and tell me if it will work okay? 4" LCD panel

And, how can I mount it? I was also thinking of using an NES emulator so passengers can play games or something, so I was thinking about in the Dash on the passenger side, but, how hard it it to cut into your dash?
And, I would be seriously afraid of screwiing it up and having a gaping hole there.
I was also thinking I would have it on one of those pull down things that go on the ceiling of your car, but they are 99$ just for the case to do that with!
So, could anyone give me some feedback please?