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Thread: Did I wire my lcd right? 20x4

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    Post Did I wire my lcd right? 20x4

    I just got a Optrex 20x4 lcd wired-up. I am going to use it with win98 / winamp, but can't get any plugins to work

    LcdPrint works fine, no problems there.
    LCDisplayer v1.0 will work, but I can only get it to work if I start it from the visualization menu. won't work when winamp starts up.
    None of the 3-4 other plugins I found will work at all

    This is how i hooked it up.

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    if LCDPrint works its safe to say the wiring is correct.... so that is good.

    A long shot, but a problem i have had in the past..... when coding my own mp3car programs to use LCD's I have often had to alter the delay times between sending data to the LCD depending on the speed of the CPU running the system.

    Faster CPU/system.... longer delay to compensate, otherwise the data is sent too quick for the LCD to make sense of it. Also the length of the cable used. Just last night I was testing my soon-to-be new mp3car system with a 1.5mtr LPT --&gt; LCD test cable I made for development, worked fine with my software. I then tried the 5.5mtr cable to be used in the car (to go from the dash to the boot). The extra length caused alot of troubles, so I needed to increase delays.

    As you may/may not have read the length of PC printer cables can never be more than a few meters long or interference starts to be introduced. LCD cable setups are no different.

    To cut a very long post to an end..... do any of the plugin you are trying have delay settings? it may be that LCDPrint has a longer delay in its data transfer than some of the other programs you are trying?
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    Sometimes the parallel port isn't setup properly. Like its not set for ECP or the range isn't set at 378.. things like that.

    Sorry I can't be more specific all I know is I tried my LCD with a notebook at it wouldn't display properly and I thought I hooked it up wrong until I tried another parallel port and it worked beautifully.
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