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Thread: My Seiko LCD 40x4

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    Post My Seiko LCD 40x4

    Hello to all the Mp3car users... This is my first message.

    I am trying to hook up my lcd. I'm hooking it up to the end of a floppy port. But anyway. I know that I hooked up all the right direct connections to the lcd, but my power connections are not that good. I did the best I can. But I have a few questions.


    Out of those schematics, it states where the +5v goes to. Where does the -5v go? I also wanted to ask if the ground takes care of that.

    Does the backlight lightup when you have it connected right? Or does the lcdprint light it up?

    If someone has a good picture of the schematics in action. please send me to that site. Or any other sites that have good instructions or the such.


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    I had a LCD similar to that,
    There is no -5 volts, just ground, attach it to a screw on your computer PS.
    The backlight should lite seperate from the Main unit when power is applied to it.
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