I want to order this part
from Jameco, a 2x40 LCD screen, but I have a question, all the Schematics I look at (escpecially the one for Mpxplay) has 3 pins called Vss, Vcc & VLC, but the pinouts for this LCD say Vss, Vcc and Vee !
Does that mean Vlc = Vee ?
I would believe so, but I want to ask people with experience.
on their drawing of a Power suply, Vee appears to be the wiper between the other two on a Potentiometer, and it is the sameway on the Schematics, but I wanted to ask before I burnt up a LCD
And, is a backlite all that neccesary?
I can get one from EIO, but I would have to wait foreever, and even longer, since I would have to use a Moneyorder.