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Thread: TS vs TSV

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    TS vs TSV

    ok, so i did a search and didnt find exactly what i was looking for so I'll post just to make sure. I'm looking into getting an Xenarc 700TS or TSV, however i dont need any of the features of the TSV, but i like the 5 wire input (or just the sound of it really, i dont want to replace the LCD ever). So should i just get the TS?


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    The only problem I have with the TS is the lack of a remote. I had planed on using my computer to send IR signals to dim the backlight after dark. Also the one I have has the problem with not hold its settings, about once a week the brightness reverts back to 33. If you get one of these you can send it in to be updated but I figure its not worth my time. I got mine from this Ebay seller for $260 including shipping. It was rated b because it had 1 bad pixel

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    how hard is it to adjust the settings w/o the remote? I mean if you leave the buttons it shoudl not be too hard, but if you dont, i guess your out of luck. thats something to think about.


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    The TSV is just about $20 more. Get it because you can.

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    TSV two composite video input vs TS has none.Get the TSV because you never know when you going to need this inputs (rear cam, video console or and xtra dvd player)

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