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Thread: liliput tsk strange behaviour

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    liliput tsk strange behaviour

    hi, i've put mi liliput in digitalww indash housing.
    Everything is working well except the tsk.
    In fact tsk is working perfectly in the center area of the screen and on the right border. But when i try to "click" in the left area i have to touch many time the screen and strongly before it recognise my click...

    What could be the problem ???


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    Recalibrate the touchscreen if you haven't already.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    hi !
    i've already recalibrate but with no success.
    In fact the precision of "touch" is good but it seems like there is an area that is less sensitive than the rest of the screen....

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    you either have the touchscreen pinched on that side, or you have the normal lilliput problem of the touchscreen going bad. Which means, check to make sure the housing isnt pressing on the touchscreen on that side. Or get a new touchpanel.
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