What's up all...

Well I got a trim bezel finished up for a 9" Lilluput I have and I desoldered the remote eye in order to move it to the lower right hand corner of the bezel. Well after resoldering everything I could not get it to work all but once. I'm not sure what is wrong but I don't have time to figure it out.

I have ordered another one and I'm just going to make a window with plexi/plastic where the remote is which you can see I have started to do in the lower center of the bezel.

The reason that I didn't just incorporate the remote eye from the very begining is because the lower portion of the lcd bezel slopes out about 1/4" and I had to shave this all down for a flush look.

So... I've got a brand new Lilliput 9" tft lcd w/tuner that is not touchscreen nor VGA... to get rid of.

With shipping from Hong Kong I paid $234 for it no more than two weeks ago which is reflected in my eBay feedback.

Basically... make me an offer if you'd like it.

Also, any input to what the eye isn't working. I'm not a soldering novice... but no expert either and I'm damn frustrated about it.

See pictures below...