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Thread: what about this indash ebay lcd

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    Quote Originally Posted by buurin
    Theres no way id spend $500 on a screen so this seems like my ONLY choice.
    Well, it seems like a good deal. 400 listed for the brightness, VGA input, and much more. It's not motorized, and it's pretty ugly, but other than that seems like an ok deal. $300, does seem kind of steep for an indash though these days.

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    i have never had a car pc but it seems to me like the left-right swivel is essential... is this a bad assumption? apparently it isnt because ive seen plenty of installs with the lcd in dash but how do people feel about having no swivel?
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    that is the NON motorized model.
    It has been available for quite some time now..

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    if i wanted to sell some screens on ebay, i'd at least do a damn spell check on my auction... this one is terrible

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