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Thread: Mounting a 700tsv

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    Mounting a 700tsv

    I have a xenarc 700tsv lcd monitor and I want to mount it on an articulated arm made for a larger lcd panel with VESA standard mounting holes. Of course, the monitor doesn't have VESA mounting holes so I need to find a way of making my own mounting plate or something for the arm.

    The goal is to mount the 700tsv in the passenger side dash (below the airbag and above the glovebox.) My car has the dash room over there but since I drive alone ALOT, I want to be able to pull the screen closer to the driver when I want to enter info or something. Or just to see the GPS NAV software better. I will be mounting the screen flush with this arm attached behind.

    Here's the screen:
    Here's the mounting arm:

    Has anyone mounted a 700 series screen to a VESA standard mount?

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    why dont you get something like this?

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    Those gooseneck arms are flexible but not easily. I used to use one for a ham radio control head and it takes 2 hands and a bit of finagling to get them into position. You DON'T want to try it while driving.

    I'm working on a custom mount with a hinge to mount my 700TSV over my stock radio. I use the AM/FM too much to take it out. Plus with a hinge on the right side (U.S. car), the passenger can turn it to face them for web surfing, videos, etc. while I am driving. I can't find a hinge that makes me happy though.

    I've considered a swingarm but figured they are like the gooseneck mount, and are supposed to be locked into place once you get it set up, so you can't easily adjust on the fly. I know there are swingarms that can be adjusted, and have some resistance to movement, but they probably still move when you are using the touchscreen.

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    Thanks for the feedback JPuma. I think Zogg has a point about the stiffness of a gooseneck.

    Zogg, the arm I was looking at has tension adjustments in the joints so I'm guessing I could tighen it up to the point where I could use the touchscreen but still have it easy to push back into the dash. It may be a good option for you too. I'll let you know if I try it. I think Staples sells it locally so I could return it easily. I need to double check the clearance behind my dash too. I hope I have 6 inches!


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    Hey guys, I am in a similar situation. What did you end up doing about mounting it. I am so sad to hear that it is incompatable with VESA mounts!

    oh yeah, I was also looking at these goosenecks. Anyone had experience with them and Xenarc/Liliput screens?


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