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Thread: Xenarc power question... i searched

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    Xenarc power question... i searched

    i just hope i used the right search topics...

    i have the xenarc 700-tsv that was moded into the DWW in-dash housing (non-motor). i have not removed the cig plug and hard wired the power cord yet. when i plug the cig plug in, the screen automaticly comes on by itself as opposed to me turning it on with the power button. is this normal for the xenarc?
    is it possible to have power to it without it coming on by itself?

    i kinda dont want to hassle with wireing it into my on/off switch for my computer, but i guess thats an option if need be....


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    Yes is normal.

    yes threre are ways to prevent it to power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thanatos106

    yes threre are ways to prevent it to power.
    thank to elaborate on 1 or 2 easy ones?

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    I would just leave it like that. It will go to standby when there is no signal. I used mine that way for nearly a year and never had any problem.

    I think you can change this in the on screen settings but don't have the screen right here in front of me. I presume you checked the manual?
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