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Thread: Stretching on-screen image using an LCD, possible?

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    Stretching on-screen image using an LCD, possible?

    Hey guys,

    I ran a search and couldn't find anything that helped me out. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. I am slowly getting the pieces together needed to build my carputer. I am looking to get the Xenarc 7" TSV. For those of you who own one, I would like to know if there is a display option to stretch/skew the screen to a smaller size, much like a standard tube VGA monitor. And if there's an option to position the on screen image around the screen as well. The reason why I ask is that I have an OEM center console for my Celica that has a screen cutout for navigation. USDM Celica's do not have an option for navigation, this part was purchased from Japan. My friend has this same console with a 6.5" widescreen TFT display hooked up to his carputer. 6.5" looks to be the max size for this cutout, but I can't find a VGA touchscreen in 6.5". I plan to remove the 7" Xenarc from its case and attach it to the console, but I need to know if I can skew the image down so that I can center it perfectly as if it were a 6.5" LCD. Here's a pic of my friend's setup using a 6.5 display with the same console I have.

    Thanks guys!

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    So if I understand you right, not all of the 7"er's screen is going to be visible, so you want to scale it down to fit in the visible area?

    I don't know if it can be easily done, but scaling is a bad idea. Unlike a CRT, LCDs have discreet pixels, and scaling invariably makes it look like crap. I think some software that makes windows think it has a smaller display while still outputing VGA would be ideal, but I'm not sure anything like that exists. Your best bet may be to make a frontend skin that works to your space limitations.

    Or, get a 6.5" screen. You say you can't find one with a touchscreen, but touchscreens can be added to any screen. It can be done (though it might get pricey).

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    I'd suggest getting a spare dash panel and a 7" VGA screen and modifying the opening to accomodate the larger screen. Fromt eh pics, it doesn't appear that you'd need to do a lot of modifications. You'd also end up with a recessed screen, which will help with glare during bright sunlight.
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    if u use nvidia card, u can use nvkeystone to shape the image the way u want, but performance will be affected...
    almost done
    only need display and a car
    already fried 2 PSU, 1 Video Card.
    Broke 3 fans. but i still want a carputer....

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