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Thread: PLease help me play the matching game!

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    Post PLease help me play the matching game!

    This is a pinout I got from Datalux for a 10.4" TFT touchscreen, apparently the same connector handles the video and the touchscreen. Can anyone help me identify what means what? I have a Earthvision PCI LCD card with a C&T 65550 chip. I have the data sheet for the card and the 65550. (I also have an SBC with a Silicon IMage SIL154 but that is another matter.

    The PCI card data sheet shows the following pinouts on a 50-pin header: P0-P23 (though I note that P15 and P16 are separated by a ground), VDDSAFE 5VDC, +12 Safe, VEESAFE, VDDSAFE 3.3VDC, LP (HSYNC), FLM (VSYNC),SHFCLK, and a bunch of GND. What are VEESAFE and VDDSAFE?

    The C&T 65550 chip which is on the PCI card has a "Panel Interface Group" which has the following "pinouts" : P0 through P15 (P16-P23 is on another section of the chip), DGND, IVCC, IGND, SHFCLK, M, LP, FLM, DVCC, HSYNC, VSYNC, DGND, ENAVDD, ENAVEE.

    Below is the pinout for the display - is it as simple as hooking up po to po, FLM to FLM, etc.? Whats ACDCLK? Which ones do you think belong to the touchscreen part? Thanks again.

    4OP Header(at monitor)->Signal Name At Interface Board

    01 GND
    02 +12V
    03 NC
    04 +12V
    05 GND
    06 -12V
    07 GND
    08 -12V
    09 GND
    10 +5V
    11 GND
    12 +5V
    13 GND
    24 PNL6/DL1
    25 PNL14
    28 PNL4/DL3
    29 PNL12
    16 PNL2/DU1
    17 PNL10
    20 PNL0/DU3
    21 PNL8
    22 PNL7/DL0
    23 PNL15
    26 PNL5/DL2
    27 PNL13
    14 PNL3/DU0
    15 PNL11
    18 PNL1/DU2
    19 PNL9
    30 ACDCLK
    31 GND
    32 SHFCLK/CP
    33 GND
    34 FLM
    35 FPEN
    36 LP
    37 NC
    38 NC
    39 NC
    40 NC

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    Usually its as easy as matching the two pins. I might be wrong, but the pinouts from that LCD make it look like a monochrome LCD because there is no RGB pins.. just DL and DU pins.

    Most commonly pin-outs look like this (in some sort of order):

    Pin # Symbol Function
    1 R0 Red Data single (LSB)
    2 GND Ground
    3 R1 Red Data single
    4 VSync Vertical Sync Signal
    5 R2 Red Data single
    6 HSync Horizontal Sync Signal
    7 R3 Red Data single (MSB)
    8 GND Ground
    9 GND Ground
    10 CK Clock Signal for sampling data
    11 G0 Green Data Signal (LSB)
    12 GND Ground
    13 G1 Green Data Signal
    14 TST Should be opened during use
    15 GND Ground
    16 TST Should be opened during use
    17 G2 Green Data Signal
    18 GND Ground
    19 G3 Green Data Signal (MSB)
    20 GND Ground
    21 GND Ground
    22 Vcc +5 Volt Power Supply
    23 B0 Blue Data Signal (LSB)
    24 Vcc +5 Volt Power Supply
    25 B1 Blue Data Signal
    26 TST Should be opened during use
    27 GND Ground
    28 ENAB Data Enable Signal
    29 B2 Blue Data Signal
    30 GND Ground
    31 B3 Blue Data Signal (MSB)
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    Thanks for the response. That's interesting - apparently the monitor is a VGA TFT (the guy had it working off a databrick), but the data sheet Datalux faxed me did say "Dual Scan" in one corner - I suppose they sent me the wrong one. Assuming I can get this mess figured out - how do I match things like R1, R3, etc. to the P1, P2, etc. pinout on the Earthvision or the D1, D2 on the SIL154 I have? Again, thanks for the help.

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