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Thread: Motorized in-dash monitor display problem!!

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    Motorized in-dash monitor display problem!!

    I have a DWW-700M motorized in-dash 7" lcd monitor in my honda accord sport (2002 model). The monitor has been working OK for a while but isnow having display problems. The display shows the pc image for a second then goes blank, in order to view the image again I need to hit the VGA button on the remote control.

    I've tried using my laptop as a vga source to make sure the pc wasn't faulty, I've tried using a vga cable I know works OK, connected the monitor to a pc PSU in my house to see if the car PSU was lacking somewhere but the problem remains! I've also tried connecting a tv source but that doesn't make a difference.

    I've tried emailing DWW twice but so far they haven't replied. Does anyone have any ideas about this problem?

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    Are you sure that the resolution is not the problem for the VGA source?
    Try a low resolution and low frequency

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    Been away on business. I'll try a different resolution/frequency this evening and let you know how I got on!

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