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Thread: 3" TV in car?

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    Question 3" TV in car?

    I was digging around in my Closet, and came acrost a little 3" B&W Portable TV that runs of 6 D batteries or 12volts.
    It has a 1/8"MiniJack like headphones for an external antenna.
    What I am wondering is, would it be possible to hook this up to a tv-out video card?
    I think something this size would be the perfect size to display realplayer or winamp in full screen mode.
    I don't really care about it not being Color
    because 1.its free 2. just one more distraction
    So, does anyone know if its wise to mount a TV in a car like this? (it is a tube type, not LCD)
    and, can I get a RCA --> Coax --> 1/8"Miniplug adapter? and tune it in on Channel 3 or something?
    I really wouldn't be afraid to hack apart the box its in, since the little tuner is tiny, and could probably be seperated from the main unit and mounted elsewhere, and One side is gigantic for the 6 D batteries.
    Plus, I could watch tv in my car if I'm not playing music, that'd be cool.
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    you will need an rf modulator (for a playstation or the like) to convert the tvout signal to channel 3.

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    first check to see if it has a "A/V input" not just a coax or antenna input. Probably not. You cannot use a 1/8 to RCA adapter. They are 2 different types of signals. Trust me, you have to have a "rf modulator" which is $30 at the shack. This is what is built into a VCR. I really wouldnt fool with it.

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    if it doesnt have A/V input, dont bother. It's gonna be more trouble than its worth.

    Speaking from experience--I had a 2.1" color LCD in my truck a while back, details in the "history" section on my web page (see sig)
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