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Thread: Laptop mounting hardware

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    anyone know where i can get the bracket to mount my laptop in my car, similar to a police car?
    or, if there is sometihgn else i can use, let me know, thx.

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    Hi Chase, before someone else here jumps down your throat, I'll take it easy on you. (Seeing as you're a newbie here...).
    I will politely ask that you use the search function at the top roght of any (including this) forum page. I typed in MOUNT LAPTOP, chose "All Open Forums" and got back a whole $#itload of previous posts regarding this issue. HERE'S ONE that mentions the Jotto Desk. It seems to probably be what you're after.
    Now that I've jumped down your throat a little, welcome to the board. We honestly look forward to hearing about your successes AND failures.
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