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Thread: Which LCD panel is right for my config?

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    Which LCD panel is right for my config?

    I'm pretty close to doing an install of my custom Linux based carputer system but I have been waffling on the selection of an LCD screen.

    I was hoping people could give me some insights into what may be a suitable product given my criteria. I have purused the offerings at both mp3 car and digital ww but still have some concerns.

    Here's my criteria:

    1.) Brightness. Must be bright enough to use during the day in a fixed roof vehicle while not be so bright at night so that night vision is ruined. I guess this is a function of the range of adjustability of the brightness function?

    2.) Mounting. My vehicle pretty much only provides me with a 1 DIN slot for mounting the LCD so I am definitely interested in an in-dash set up.

    3.) Ruggedness. Here is where my biggest questions come in. My vehicle is used off-road. By off-road I mean this:

    (not my picture/Jeep, btw)

    not this:

    I like the idea of the motorized in-dash units but worry about them being too fragile. Are they rugged enough for bouncing around with the display in the out position?

    Do the non-motorized ones pop out with a simple press on them or do you need to withdraw the unit completely with your hand to the fully deployed position?

    Are the non-motorized ones more rugged?

    Should both motorized or not be folded away when the terrain gets tough?

    Do either of these setups get "sloppy" the more they are bounced around in normal vehicle driving?

    4.) I really want something that is simple and unobtrusive looking. Something with a simple on/off and brightness control. None of this blue light, chrome button cheesy stuff. I also like the idea of something that can be tilted to the driver or passenger side depending on what the system is being used for (straight nav, trip planning in transit by passenger, whatever).

    These desires lead me to the digitalww model DWW-700H or DWW-750J (similar but motorized). Will I miss the motorized function? Is the DWW-750J even available yet?

    MP3 Car doesn't seem to have anything with side to side tilt. Both the MTSVO-SC and Xenarc 700IDT seem to be appropriate motorized options though. Digital WW's DWW-K301, DWW-710L and DWW-7VGA (no-motor) seem to be reasonable too.

    Given all these ramblings above, which direction do you suggest I look for a LCD that will closest match what I want out of it?

    Are there other makes/models at other vendors I should be looking at? I am price sensitive, don't want to go much beyond what the prices of the above reflect unless there is some compelling feature that makes it a must have.

    Thanks for any and all input!

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    Motorized versus non?

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    Personally I think a non motorized version will work better for your application. It is much sturdier and the swivel will allow you adjust the monitor so that it faces you directly. DWW-700H is a not motorized version of the DWW-700M Motorized monitor.


    Quote Originally Posted by reece146

    Motorized versus non?

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    I've got the 700H, and its a bit tempermental. I had to get rid of my 700M cause it "Just Didn't Work" (tm). It's tilt is excellent, the pop op feature of the 700H is easy, and secure. The way my friends xenarc worked was kinda crap (it ended up not really locking correctly). With the tilt, it makes it much easier to actually see and operate, versus it just staring in the back. Putting it back into its house is a bit tricky, the way its mounted it keeps scratching my alpine. i gotta figure out what to do with that. Right now i am heading back to my car to figure out why it looses calibration every 5 minutes, software upgrade hopefully will fix.

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