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Thread: newbie needs help on building player screen

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    Smile newbie needs help on building player screen

    hello there I want to build a home MP3 player. (dont have a car )

    my plan is to buy a cheap low end Pentium base unit and paint it black and silver and use a character CD.

    Can any tell me where can I buy those popular Seiko LCD screens in the UK (cant see anything on ebay)

    I remember someone doing a hack to reverse them, what is the url for this? Is it possible to change the backlight into a blue colour? )

    sorry if this has been asked before, has anyone compiled a FAQ on this site


    John H

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    Don't know about the Seiko LCD's in the UK

    On arby's site he has reversed one and made several for others

    and for the faq, go to


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