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Thread: Installing CD/DVD in Xenarc 700IDT

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    Thats great! Good job

    Quote Originally Posted by visenri
    This is my first post in mp3car forum, but i've been reading this forum for a long time .

    I have successfully installed a slim dvd-rom into a xenarx 700IDT, with its ide adapter and an ide to usb 2.0 converter.

    This is the post where you can see the "howto" (in spanish):

    I am going to install this screen in a VW GOLF V 1.9 tdi sportline.

    You can see the progress of my carputer here:

    I am from spain, sorry for my english.

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    Buen trabajo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgoodman
    We're an international forum, post in whatever langauge you like.

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    Well, I'm sold on the 700IDT, then.
    Hell, I dnt even have to squeeze the USB-IDE adapter in there, since mine will be run off IDE, since it's close enough.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    How did you attach the DVD drive to the Xenarc case? I can't see how the holes on the CD/DVD slimline drive match up with the holes in the bottom of the Xenarc case?

    I would really like to install my drive if you can give some tips on this.


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    It is not attached to the case.

    This little quantity of glue holds the dvd-reader in place.

    When you remove the plastic in the front to make the hole for the reader, you'll see there is a place to put the reader (i am sure xenarc is going to put a reader in the next version) and keep it in place, be sure to make the hole a little smaller than the reader, so it keeps in place blocked by the front plastic and the glue in the ide connector.You need no screws .

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