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Thread: Anyone else bought this VGA LCD?

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    Anyone else bought this VGA LCD?

    I purchased one of these LCD's about 2 months ago for my car PC project. I got it for less than my PSOne screen. I thought this guy only had the one, but it seems like he has a huge stock of them and only puts one on ebay at a time. His prices are starting to creep up as well. I have hooked it up and the backlighting is great, the colors are OK, but more than fine for my uses. It is true that the screen can only run 640x480. When you change to a higher resolution, the screen splits and you get the top half of the picture on the bottom half of the screen and vesa versa. But I must say, the picture quality is still good, just in a bad orientation.

    I was wondering if anyone else from this forum purchased one of these and what they thought.

    Planar 9.4" VGA LCD

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    search the forum....a lot of people have gotten a hold of these, there are a bunch of different sizes, 8.2 10.4...etc.....all go really cheap on ebay. Major concensus is that they are nice and bright, but are low res....also they shrowding takes up a lot of realestate.

    i found some threads saying that allbright sometimes does mods to these increasing them from 190 nits to 1300 nits......but this is probably not the case for this one
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