When trying to mount it in my IH002 I have ended up getting controlboard/vga controller powered. I modded to "option #2" / using supplied inverter (as described in howto at www.digitalww.com). I see power going to inverter but no backlight/power on lcd screen at all.

I will try to see if inverter is damaged using an oscilloscope.

I accidently supplied vga controller with power connectiong +/- wrong. Allso I used the cigarett outlet connector but got power from the cars ISO plug. I blew the fuse, I have replaced it. I get blue lights on control board. When I press "power on" I see 5V going from vga controller on the single yellow wire to the inverter, I guess this should tell the inverter to power on the LCD.

I have checked each of the 40pins on the ribbon, all good. I have connected all cables/plugs.. all good.

Please advice.