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Thread: No picture/signal HELP!! please!!!

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    Angry No picture/signal HELP!! please!!!

    I recently bought an EPIA m10000 motherboard. I got a small 20gb HDD anf wiped it, I used my PC to install win XP to the HDD. I hooked the HDD to the motherboard, I used a shuttle Pc's power supply, connected it to the motherboard too and then connected my BENQ 17" monitor to th motherboard, it powered up ok but no picture on the display. Tries s-video and tv out none of them work!
    Then about 5mins ago I tried disconnecting th HDD to get even a bios screen(connected via s-video) but no picture either and after about 45secs it stated beeping so I turned it off!

    OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME!!! I want to play with me new toy and I can't even try updated drivers or bios because I can't see what I'm doing!!

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    If all connections regarding video are ok, the monitor working properly, I can only say you contact the vendor...

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    You really should install the OS with the MB the and HD combo that you are going to use. The drivers may have a problem going from one MB to another. In other words, if you switch the MB in a system it's time for a new install of windows. You could also try booting to safe mode to see if you can get video.

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