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Thread: Are the Lilliput 619 and 629 cases interchangeable?

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    Are the Lilliput 619 and 629 cases interchangeable?

    I molded the front of a Lilliput 619 Case in my dash and was wondering if I got a new 629 Case and put my lilliput inards inside of the new case, would everything line and seal properly? Im still going to be using the lilliput but am not going to be molding it this time and like the way the new case looks and the size of the buttons itself. Anyone know? If not ill just buy an old 619 case.

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    i think on the back the connector holes are on opposite sides and theb utton board is square insted of a straight top and curve bottom and the buttons r bigger.... i was thinking the same but i doubt its possible witout modding the case itself

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