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Thread: 8" LCD problem when opened up...

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    8" LCD problem when opened up...

    Well I purchased this LCD touch screen online...

    Not sure if its the same maker as lilliput (sp?). The display produced vertical lines when turned on. This was one week after use. I emailed the seller to let him know. Being hopeful, I thought I could try to rectify the problem so I opened it up. Surprisingly I found some places were screws were missing. Also some of the circuit boards were divided by a sheet of plastic. Double sided tape was used in some places to hold a usb board down. Also, a usb cable that's used to add function to the touch screen was hacked to fit inside the lcd case... obviously this unit was being slapped together. I'll post up pictures soon as photobucket is back up from maintenance.

    My question is, when opening up an LCD is this what you guys encountered? I'm going to have to purchase another display... if you guys can recommend me one that I can use, preferrably 8", that's quality built and won't break in a week then I'd be more enclined to purchase that one... blar... wasted $200 dollars on this piece of junk.

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    Additional circuit board with plastic sheet used as insulation...

    Cable spliced up to fit inside case...

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    I have 2 of those and they both look like that. I am going by the remote though. I can be sure when you post the other pics. Mine work well though. Do you want to sell that one if you cannot fix it?
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