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Thread: Why can I only find 16x9 Aspect Ratio LCDs in 7" size? I need a 9"!

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    Why can I only find 16x9 Aspect Ratio LCDs in 7" size? I need a 9"!

    In my search to find a screen to fit my 2003 Ford F-150 1.5 din dash and look OEM. I found one that will fit. It's a 9" Icon flip down wide screen taken apart. However it is not of VGA quality. I have yet to find a VGA wide screen in the 9 Inch range.
    anyone know why? or better yet have I over looked where to find these?
    by the way by wide screen I mean capable of the 16x9 Aspect Ratio.

    this is how I want mine to look when its done. The one in this truck is connected to a ps2.

    Randell Kelly

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    I here ya man,

    I can never fine 8" touchscren widescreen also.

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    a 9" won't fit a 1.5DIN

    a 7" barely fits a 2 DIN

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