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Thread: 700IDT - Tilt question

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    700IDT - Tilt question

    I know this thing is spring loaded. Can I adjust the degree of the monitor?

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    I haven't been able to find a way.
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    I too am wondering how to tilt it. Even the manual shows how it tilts 15 in either direction, but I can't get it.

    Anyone called tech support yet?
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    Holy thread revival batman!

    I too am looking to figure this one out, or am I stuck wedging a sock between my dash and the back of the monitor?
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    The 15 degrees is left/right not forward/back so in order to prop it up forward you would need to wedge something I guess.

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    Man this thread is 2 years old. GEEEE

    If you want to change the tilt of your 700IDT, you could add some rubber to the cushions behind the screen that are used as bump stops against the metal brace. If you want to angle it up, you could remove the bump stops and get a few degrees up.
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    some threads just won't die ...
    I just finished installing the 700idt in my dash and i found it's pointing to the ceiling too much.
    When dismanteling the thing i found a stopper with two screws (i know i should have taken a picture)
    I tried to move this thing forward, but it blocked the screen tilting mechanism. Has anybody tried bending this thing ?

    If i take it out of the dash again i'll take some pics

    ok ... just spent some more time looking at this thing. It seems you can easily change the tilt angle of the screen by adding some extra padding to the support and the back of the screen. In my case I added a 1mm thick piece of plastic to the back of the screen and a second 1mm piece to the support.
    Any more on the back of the screen and it won't close anymore.
    Also be carefull not to block the opening motion of the screen when adding thickness to the support. I only added a 3mm thick strip to the top. Seems to do the trick perfectly without getting in the way of the opening screen.

    Hope this helps
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