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Thread: Lilliput problems

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    Lilliput problems

    I'm trying to get my lilliput touch screen to work, it was working a few weeks ago but now when you touch the screen the mouse pointer disappears off to the bottom of the screen. The odd thing is that it can clearly sense im touching it but it just doesn't seem to be calibrated properly.

    Of course, i've tried calibrating it but that has no effect, it recognises each press in the calibration process but fails to do anything about it.

    Sometimes i wonder if my carputer enjoys making me suffer, i've had nothing but headaches since building it...part of me wants to throw it all in the bin and buy a cd player for 30 quid!!

    I'm trying this with the latest egalax drivers btw. Version

    Any help would be fantastic!!!

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    I've seen something like this in the forums earlier. Try disconnecting the usb cable and reconnecting it again.

    Also, check to be sure that nothing is touching the screen.

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    Thanks for the reply, i'll have a good search tonight but i couldn't find anything yesterday. I tried disconnecting the cable, powered it all off, uninstalled the drivers completely but still no luck.

    It has to be a software issue but it seems so strange how it was fine one minute then it does this...

    Thanks for the reply tC_install.

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    Just thought i'd let you know that i sorted it incase anyone is having similar trouble on windows 2000. I just installed service pack 4, went through the touchscreen installation making sure the usb cable was unplugged when installing and now its working...god knows how long for, im not expecting great things because im still convinced it hates me but hey, im happy for now

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