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Thread: Need some Help on A Project

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    Need some Help on A Project

    OK I am putting a Xbox 360 in My Bmw when its released on the 22nd. I already have the space made and everything for it. But i am wondering is this. I am looking to buy a Power inverter to power the Xbox (245 watts). I also thought about it and I realized instead of using my little 6.5 inch lcd Car screen.... I could buy a good enough power inverter to power a 15-20" Lcd Flat screen T.v..... So heres my questions.... How much watts do most of these t.v's need (roughly).... Also, I am looking for one that mounts upside down (for the top of my car) .. So the image must be flipped.... Is there Any t.vs out there that u can mount upside down? or can you flip it manuallly? Thanks to who ever can help!

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    use a ceiling mount for the display, and read the specs on the unit you are considering to purcase. the wattage is listed in the power requirements setion of the specs.
    instead of an inverter for the display, use a dc power supply w/vr. pm if you need more details.

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    Not exactly an answer to your question but WOOT.Com has a 2 pack of 250w inverters for ~$40 USD. Not sure that 1 would cut it but for that price you get 2 (500 watts total) which would def cover it.

    For those not aware of how WOOT.COM works they sell one thing a day. When they run out it is gone you can't get it from them at that price. If you wait till the next day it is something new. So if you want this you need to buy it today.

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