I dont know what can happen to my lilliput 7" touch screen. I have had it since april and no problems at all. But two weeks ago the screen was working and began to show a message that is "Burn In" in a box. The screen show a infinite cycle of colors. First all the screen is green, after red, after blue.... and after 10 or 12 colors begin again with the green.
The buttons dont works and if i want to turn off i have to disconnect from the supply. When i conect again, the buttons dont work and i can start the screen with a remote control, but the buttons dont work even with the screen on. with the screen on, i can see my computer on the screen and the touchscreen works perfect.
Only works one button. the button that shows an arrow to the right. if i press that button the screen goes again to the infinite cycle and nevers goes out.

Does anybody know anything?

thanks for your time.