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Thread: monitor cable length

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    monitor cable length

    hi.. i am instaling pc in the boot of my car and thinking of putting a 14 lcd screen in the front passenger area.. i have everything sorted out only problem now is how to get the monitor wire to reach ..... any ideas...

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    you can buy them up to 15 ft. find out how much you need and couple them together.
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    I have a 10' VGA extension cable available for sale in my sig..

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    couple them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by saintvice
    couple them?

    Something that joins or connects two things together; a link.
    To link together; connect.
    Electricity. To link (two circuits or currents) as by magnetic induction.
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    I ran a 6' extension plus the monitor itself had about 5' on it. No worries.
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