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Thread: Wonder How Long?

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    Wonder How Long?

    Wonder how long it will be until these LCD companies figure out that people like us are integrating there displays into vehicles? I say this because it will be great when options come out for a transflective display or even auto dimming features.

    I looked online for a few just to see what was out there and I can't find any 7" LCD panels which can connect to a carpc and is transflective with autodimming.

    It'll come I'm sure.


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    there was a day when there was no liliput, no xenarc & no lcd monitor smaller than 10"...... when they finally hit the market with a stand alone monitor that was 7".... WOW, it was something really....

    now, years later, they have almost become passe'... now instead of marveling at the wonderfull technology that you can hold in the palm of your hand, it has come to complaints of too dim, & reflection problems.... there is transflective technology, but there still isn't a readly available 7" transflective monitor......

    they'll be here..... someday there will be guys saying they wish they made a 3D screen for a dash like the ones they have in there livingrooms

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