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Thread: LCD screeen prices fall below $30

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    LCD screeen prices fall below $30
    IT says the 7" panels are now available for less than $30. This will surely trickle down soon and the prices should fall from current levels. I realize this is nothing new, but it is nice to know the price of one of the components and have an idea of what is holding the prices up (i.e. which components are doing so).

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    Those prices are most likely for the headrest type monitors used for dvd players and such. Would be sweet for vga type to drop in price that dramaticaly

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    True, but
    The ASP (average selling price) for 7-inch car-use panels fell from US$80 in April 2004 to US$34.5 in September of this year, representing a 57% slump. At that time, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) was quoted as saying that the ASP for the segment should rebound to US$40 by the end of this year, on strong demand.
    That is a huge drop in price in only 5 months. The article unfortunately does not specify what exact types this refers to, but you must admit it is a significant decrease.

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    Panels are not the reason vga monitor prices remain where they are. It is the cost of the controllers. They use the same panels, either in a video only display, or a vga/rca monitor. The chips used for the vga/rca controllers cost more, and the boards themselves are completely different, with the exception of panel and inverter support.

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    so thats why all of the screens anyone buys anymore have dead pixels...
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    Quote Originally Posted by viper24
    so thats why all of the screens anyone buys anymore have dead pixels...
    True, true

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