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Thread: 2 different resolutions

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    2 different resolutions

    Is their any way to get 2 screens to display 1 desktop @ 2 different resolutions

    HP laptop
    1 extra video out
    Xenarc 10" 800x600
    laptop is 17" 1600x1050

    ne help i have looked around cant find anything please help ty


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    the drivers should do this themselves if the graphics card supports it?

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    Normally laptops with a video out will only clone what is on the original screen.

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    yes the drivers allow for dual monitor support but nothing about cloning the desktop w/ start menu i can get 800x600 additional space but i cannot have same information on both laptop and xenarc w/ laptop @ 1600x1050 thats the issue i can set laptop to 800x600 and get same info but laptop doesnt like it very much thanks guys

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