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Thread: 3M DBEF & BEF Enhancement Film installed into Xenarc Screen

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    3M DBEF & BEF Enhancement Film installed into Xenarc Screen

    Well, i have finally finished my 3M DBEF and BEF enhancement.

    If your not familiar with what i have done previously here's the thread
    Took the plunge

    Initial thoughts:

    Was well worth it, as the display seems alot brighter then before and colours also look a lot more vivid. Daytime visibility has also increased, to which i am very happy with the time spent cutting up the sheets etc.


    FREE! (As i requested samples from a 3M supplier.)

    Here's some pictures from the disassembly, hope this is helpful to someone.

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    Are those films about the same as these:
    Or are they something entirely different?
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    Yep, same ones.

    I'll take some photos of the LCD in action later on today after work

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    so did you remove and replace something or just add the film inside the monitor?
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    Removed all the filters and replaced it with just the BEF and DBEF.

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    Was it easy to determine the correct orientation of the films?

    I have some sample films coming. Don't want to cut the film and then find out I have the wrong orientation...

    Being samples, they probably don't have the notch indicator.

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    look forward to the pics.
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    What are DBEF and BEF? And do you just bung em in or do they have to be oriented specifically or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meddler
    look forward to the pics.
    ya, how did nearly 6 months pass without pics? we should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this one slide..

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    I remember I saw the result before.

    I send a quota to 3M and it is bloody expensive. Better of going with transflective upgrade instead.
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